Saturday, October 8, 2011



Just wanted to piggy back on Liz's post about the Hummingbird Festival.  Here are some more great photos of the educational event highlighting bats. 

I think the above bat's name was Congo.  The speaker talked about how bats have a very bat er, I mean, bad reputation.  Bats play a huge role in our ecosystem (they consume lots of nasty bugs, they pollinate, and spread seeds) we should give them much more credit than that of scary, blood-sucking varmints.  (American bats are not this big, I can't recall where Congo was from, but bats in the U.S. are much smaller.) For more information on bats go here.  Bats are fascinating little creatures, get informed!  We've talked about possibly making bat houses for one of our handicrafts.

People were not allowed to touch them, but he was sure to let the children see the bats up close.

He told us that he was able to train them like any other animal.  Here he told the bat to spread his wings.  This particular bat I believe was from South Africa (not 100% sure on that one, Liz?) and they primarily eat fruit.

Resting from all the festivities.

This was taken on our way in, I was walking with the baby in the stroller, the kids hitched a ride on the golf cart shuttle.

Caleb getting some Miss Liz time.

That's all for now. 

We have some great photos and stories from the art museum we visited last week.  Stay tuned, we'll get them up soon!

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