Thursday, October 6, 2011

Humming Bird Migration Festival

A Few weeks ago we journeyed  down to Mississippi to The Strawberry Plains Audubon Center for their annual hummingbird migration festival. This is a truly special event and an equally special location. Even with the crowds of people who gather to witness these tiny amazing creatures the atmosphere is still calm yet exciting. It becomes obvious very quickly that people of all ages are fascinated by these tiny, humming-birds.

 There was a separate tent for children which hosted face painting, real animal furs, skulls and bones (for touching of course), microscopes, glassed specimens and a coloring table.

        Fynneus and Sophia had important things to talk about during the snake presentation.

 The humming birds are gently captured and banded for research and then released back into the wild. This entire process is performed in the open where it can be viewed by all. While we were there,  a knowledgeable gentleman was showing off the birds and answering questions before he helped a volunteer from the crowd to let the bird go. Some of our very own Mae Day children were lucky enough to help.

 The birds heartbeat can be heard if it is placed near an ear, I am told it sounds a bit like a purr, rather than single beats.


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