Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nina and The Pinta

Below are some photos of the Pinta and Nina we toured in mid-October. I cut and pasted some info from a local website in order to save time because I was suppose to have done this weeks ago.  Just wanted to give some general information.   
"The Pinta and Nina are replicas of two of the three ships sailed by Christopher Columbus to the West Indies in 1682.

Nina was built by hand and without the use of power tools and considered to be the most historically correct Columbus replica ever built.

The Pinta was recently built in Brazil and is a larger version of the archetypal caravel."

(Citations can be found here.)


There were so many interesting and fun things about this trip, but the only tidbit that I will add is about where the kids are standing in the above picture.  They are on the "poop deck."  It was news to me that the poop deck is where the sailors had mass or church.  The priest would perform mass three times a day on the poop deck.  They called it this because "poop" comes from a Latin term meaning doll. They would have dolls of all the saints they prayed to lined up on the upper deck making it known as the poop deck.  Hmm.

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