Friday, November 11, 2011

Picture Study with Monet

We have done picture talks with all of our Monet selections for this term so now I've asked the children what their favorite piece is and to tell me one thing about it.  Most children had more than one favorite, but I only collected one sentence for one of their favored works. Above is the collage that I put together in about two minutes in order to have all of them on hand and labeled.  Eventually I would like to frame them and display them on our wall.  (FYI, I found these selections from the Ambleside Online website for Picture Study. I saved them to my computer and sent the files to the online Walmart Photo Center and purchased them all for just over five dollars.  I would have liked larger prints, but these were the size that was recommended for the best resolution.) 

"I liked that he could use just a few colors and he could make it look so real and so nice." Tucker, 8yrs

Tulip Fields in Holland is a second favorite for Samuel and Rollin, but a first and only for Tucker. Also Ms Kim noted how she likes how Monet painted the clouds in this one and another. 

"It looks like you could walk right into it." Lucy, 7yrs

Terrace at St. Adresse is favored by Lucy.

"It looks like the horse is real and the metal looks like real metal." Fynn, 4yrs

"I like how he drew it and I think the kid looks cute."  Chloe, 7yrs

Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse is a favorite for Fynn and Chloe and coming in second with Sophia.

"It's really pretty and it's neat how he made it look like you're looking up." Gabe, 8yrs

"A lazy afternoon that has turned into early evening."  Liz, 23yrs(hee,hee)

Woman with a Parasol: Madame Monet and Her Son is favored by Gabe, Ms Liz and I.  This is the other piece in which Ms Kim liked the clouds. (Hey Kim, maybe it's time to get your head out of the clouds!)  :)

"I like how he mostly chose green."  Samuel, 9yrs

"I like how he made the flower part look like little fingerprints." Sophia, 5yrs

The Waterlily Pond is a favorite with Samuel, Sophia and I.

Women in the Garden was not a favorite with anyone.  When first studying it, I heard comments about the brightness of the women's dresses and how the man's face is covered by the flowers.

"I like how he just dotted the whole face."  Rollin, 6yrs

Monet's Self-Portrait is a favorite with Rollin and I. 

Not sure what the next 3 weeks of picture study will entail, but you may hear about it. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. And I am encouraged that the young ones are not making Picture Study into Rocket Science. Thanks for tearing down my preconceived ideas of teaching children to appreciate art; looking at paintings can be simple for little minds!

  2. We have visitors! Thanks for commenting ladies.

    Crystal, you'd be amazed at the things little ones say about works of art. If you find they just stare, ask a few questions, like how does this picture make you feel? What is the weather like? Is it morning, noon, or night? And tell them what you think about it too. :)